Pasta di Liguria

Pasta di Liguria, as the name suggests, comes from Liguria - one of the smallest and most unspoiled regions of Italy, whose landscape is characterized by two contrasting factors: the coastal area and the inland mountain range. This leads to a cuisine both unique and varied, which is one of the healthiest and most balanced regional diets in the Mediterranean.

Pasta di Liguria is an authentic, regional, handmade Italian pasta produced by the Minaglia family in their hometown in the Ligurian Apennines. Its unique shapes reflect the centuries-old culinary traditions of one of Italy's local cuisines and most beautiful coastal regions.

Made with artisan techniques and no added colorings or flavorings - using only 100% certified organic and natural Italian ingredients and pure spring water.

A pasta that tells the story of the people and the land from which it comes with every bite.

In our assortment you can now choose from 11 different Pasta di Liguria varieties and try your way through.
Enjoy it and travel a little further to Italy with every bite!

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