Exclusive Service

We take personal shopping seriously!

What wine goes with what dish? Should I surprise my guests with oysters or with caviar? And can someone just do my shopping for me? MEINL'S PERSONAL SHOPPING can answer all of these and many more questions for you.

  • By telephone: Let our experts know what you need an they will ‘walk you through’ the store and then take care of the shopping for you.
  • In person: Our experts will guide you through the shop and personally assist you.
  • Delivery (within the first district): Contact the Info-Office and let them know that you would like your shopping delivered to your hotel/office/apartment or even directly to the airport, or let our team know that you want assistance to get your shopping home.

And the best about all this: we offer this service free of charge (with the exception of airport delivery). Treat yourself to a very special shopping experience!