Sweet Dreams

Temptation par excellence.

Anyone who has ever tasted the sweet specialities of our in-house PATISSERIE simply wants more. Whether tarte tatin, tarte au limon or pot soufllé tart with cranberries. Whether warm curd cheese apple strudel, fluffy soft Gugelhupfe or daily fresh confectionery. Whether handmade madeleines, muffins, cakes, slices or tarts. They are all freshly prepared by the artist hands of the house patissier and his team. Designed with the choicest ingredients and great attention do detail.
Who can say no to that?


Please order whole cakes 2 working days in advance 
- For special orders, please place the order 4 working days in advance

Seasonal: Rhubarb and strawberry tart

Now fresh from our patisserie

Our homemade rhubarb and strawberry tart will make the hearts of anyone with a sweet tooth beat faster! An irresistible mixture of slightly tart rhubarb in a sweet pectin layer, fresh strawberries and a crispy tart base. 
The perfect tart for the start of spring! 


Allergens: A (Gluten), C (Egs), G (Milk), H (Nuts) 

Tarte au Citron

Juicy lemon curd made from freshly squeezed lemons with beautiful meringue decoration. Like a breath of fresh air in the hottest summer!

Size: 26 cm

Allergens: A (Gluten), C (Eggs), G (Milk), H (Nuts)



This classic is a golden brown baked shortcrust pastry topped with cranberries, pot soufflé and powdered sugar. This classic tastes always, but especially good with us!

Size: 26 cm

Allergens: A (Gluten), C (Eggs), G (Milk),​​​​ H (Nuts)

Chocolate Tarte

THE pastry for all "sweet tooth"! A golden brown, crispy baked shortbread with chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Can you ever say no to that?

Size: 26 cm

Allergens: A (Gluten), C (Eggs), F (Soy), (Milk), H (Nuts)

Blackberry Gateau

Plant-based does not mean sacrificing good taste

Our blackberry gateau is the perfect sweet temptation for all berry and chocolate lovers! - and it's also 100% plant-based! 
Not using animal products doesn't mean that the taste suffers & this cake proves it! 


Allergens: A (Gluten), H (Nuts)


Instead of flour, grated almonds are used for our millennium cake - making it especially moist and also gluten-free! Then a fruity apricot jam and a bittersweet chocolate icing. Sweet and simple!

Size: 22cm


Allergens: C (Eggs), F (Soy), G (Milk), H (Nuts)

Pistachio cake

A moist chocolate base with almonds, creamy pistachio mousse, roasted pistachios and a dark chocolate icing. Just like in a Parisian café! And... do you see the Eiffel Tower already?

Size: 22cm

Allergens: A (Gluten), C (Eggs),F (Soy), G (Milk), H (Nut)


Attention coffee lovers! This multi-layer cake is simply a dream to savour. Crispy Japonais base and fluffy coffee buttercream with real vanilla are layered alternately, covered in a coffee fondant icing and coated with sliced roasted almonds. For the perfect bite the whole tart long!

Size: 22 cm

Allergens: C (Eggs), G (Milk), H (Nuts)

Delivery Service

Of course you can order homemade cakes, pastries and petit fours and have them delivered directly to your home by our delivery service within our business hours. Delivery is currently possible within Vienna and the surrounding area.
We will be pleased to fulfill your individual wishes and create the perfect dessert for any occasion, if ordered in advance. 

We look forward to receiving your order at:

Phone: +43 (0)1 532 33 34 6900
E-Mail: patisserie(at)meinlamgraben.eu