Cafè? Bar? Both!

Vienna would not be Vienna without coffee from Julius Meinl.

To honour this coffeehouse culture accordingly, the MEINL CAFÉBAR already greets customers in our entrance area. The popular downtown meeting place with its inviting outdoor seating option offers more than 30 coffee varieties: from the classic Melange to the Kapuziner, the Einspänner and Kaffee verkehrt, as well as modern creations. Additionally, you can indulge in sweet treats from the in-house patisserie. We serve small snacks, refreshments and luxury drinks for toasting. 
Just come by and let yourself be pampered in this classically stylisch atmosphere!

New World of Coffee

The right blend for every taste - in keeping with this motto, we have created a wide range of new coffees for you.

Quality and freshness are our top priorities. Our coffee is, as they say 'freshly roasted' and is traditionally roasted in a drum roaster. We have our coffees produced by specialists in a small, fine Italian coffee roastery in small quantities of 150 kg per variety. Only when needed, we roast and deliver more coffee, so we keep the ultimate freshness! For pure enjoyment with every sip, our coffee expert Jeanette Meinl lovingly selects the perfect beans for us!

Let yourself be seduced by a strong Italian espresso with a dense, velvety body. For a Viennese breakfast, a chocolaty blend with subtle notes of dried fruits or a strong Viennese Mocha reminiscent of bittersweet cocoa notes awaits. For those who like it oriental, the Single Origin Ethiopia stands out with its plump soft body and a cinnamon note in the finish. In the afternoon, our Viennese Melange, a latte, goes wonderfully with coffee and cake. In the evening, nothing stands in the way of coffee enjoyment with our decaffeinated espresso.

Our coffee creations are now also available as capsules in four varieties - compostable and 100% biodegradable.