Amaro Bitter


Amaro Bitter

The fine liqueur has deep black nuances and flows wonderfully thickly from the bottle into the glass. Immediately, the fine aromas of the various herbs and spices reveal themselves and you are perfectly attuned to the pleasure ahead. On the tongue, it shows its full potential and the fine flavours of the incomparable recipe cover the taste buds as a thin film. The finish is also full-bodied and leaves a thoroughly positive overall impression. The classic way to enjoy Ramazzotti Amaro is on ice with a squeeze of lemon or with a slice of lemon. Always a pleasure.
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Art.Nr.: 014409#1.000


Producer: Pernod Ricard Italia S.p.A., Viale Monza 265, Milano, Italy
Region: Italy / Lombardy
Alcohol content: 30% vol.

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