Monopolowa Vodka

J.A. Baczewski

Monopolowa Vodka

J.A. Baczewski Vodka Monopolowa is an absolute Polish vodka classic with an impressive history. The family business was founded at the end of the 18th century in Lwów (Lemberg). Company boss Józef Adam Baczewski was an entrepreneur with an above-average education for his time, who recognised the great importance of promotional activities.

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The vodka is made according to an old family recipe from Austrian potatoes and absolutely pure and soft Alpine water.
The result is a mild vodka with the fine aroma of potatoes.
Origin: Austria
Alcohol content: 40%
Contact: Horvaths Spezereyen Kontor u Lebensmittelproduktion GmbH, Gutenbergstraße 7, 2232 Deutsch-Wagram

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