Cognac Deau Louis Memory


Cognac Deau Louis Memory

This cognac is a tribute to Louis Deau, who was born in 1665 and settled in the Cognac region under the reign of Louis XIV. Louis Memory is mainly blended from very old Grande Champagne Cognacs. Colour: Amber. Nose: The aromatic richness of these very old cognacs is obvious: the scents are varied, despite its lightness and elegance. Despite this delicate side, the style is powerful and aromatic, floral with notes of violets, citrus blossom, cinnamon, brown sugar, cloves, quince jelly and beeswax. Palate: Flavours of fresh walnuts, sultanas and candied fruits. Very structured with remarkable tannin notes. Finish: Finishes with great finesse and elegant harmony, of infinite length with scents of ripe fruit, vanilla accents, cigar and cedar.

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Producer: Distillerie des Moisans, Les Moisans, 16440 Sireuil, France Region: France / Cognac Category: Brandy Alcohol Content: 40% Vol.

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