Finlandia Vodka


Finlandia Vodka

Finlandia Vodka is produced in the Finnish town of Koskenkorva in the municipality of Ilmajoki. This place is located in the western part of Finland and is characterised by waters in large areas. However, the spring water is drawn from the Rajamäki spring, which is located 50 km north of Helsinki. Thanks to the special filtering through ice-age moraines, water is produced there that is full of minerals and does not require any post-treatment.

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But it's not just the water for Finlandia Vodka that's a real challenge. The entire production process is very elaborate and well thought-out. The alcohol is produced from low-oil and so-called six-row barley, which thrives under the special Finnish midnight sun. Moreover, it is produced in a long process with seven distillation steps. No wonder Finlandia Vodka is one of the most sought-after vodkas in the world.
Origin: Finland
Alcohol content: 40%
Contact: Finlandia Vodka Worldwide Ltd, Porkkalankatu 24, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

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