Summerbird Tasting



Sustainable, organically grown, innovative and creatively processed.
On 30 March 2023, we cordially invite you to a tasting of the well-known chocolates and chocolate specialities of the Danish brand Summerbird. 


At the tasting, the chocolate bar 'Amber' and the chocolate hazelnuts 'Amber' will be tasted and available for sale. 




Chocolate Hazelnuts - Amber Dragée

Lightly roasted Italian hazelnuts coated with a thin layer of nougat, brittle granules and a thick layer of Amber Classic chocolate. The result is a simple, rich and sophisticated taste reminiscent of the classic French dessert crème brûlée.


Chocolate bar - Amber Classic 

Amber Classic has a sweet, caramelised and creamy note reminiscent of the classic French dessert crème brûlée. The complexity and variety of the chocolate flavours ensure that this chocolate is extremely popular both as a pure eating chocolate, but also for desserts and baked goods. The Amber Classic chocolate won the gold medal at the "European Chocolate Awards" in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019.