Limoncello - Liquore de Limone di Sorrento


Limoncello - Liquore de Limone di Sorrento

Villa Massa is the world's number 1 premium limoncello. The "Liquore di limone di Sorrento" uses only the geographically protected (PGI) "Ovale di Sorrento" lemons, which are grown exclusively in Sorrento – on the picturesque Amalfi Coast. They are characterized by particularly dense and fragrant peels that are rich in essential oils and give the lemon liqueur its unique taste. 

Villa Massa Limoncello stands for Italian lightness, loving craftsmanship and protected family tradition since 1890. The use of additional flavorings and coloring is completely avoided.


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Drinking recommendation: Villa Massa Limoncello is classically served pure and iced as a digestif. As an aperitif, the refreshing Villa Massa Tonica drink is ideal. Simply pour 1 part Villa Massa and 3 parts tonic water into a glass, add fresh basil leaves and plenty of ice.


Origin: Italy
Alcohol content: 30,0% vol.
Contact: Zamora Company; Polígono Industrial los Camachos, Calle Silicio, 10. 30369. Cartagena. Murcia (Spain).


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