Pastis 51


Pastis 51

Pastis 51 is an anise-flavoured spirit made in Marseille. Created in 1951 by Pernod when the ban on anise-based aperitifs was lifted, this classic soon became a leading brand in France. This version of Pastis contains Chinese star anise, aromatic Provençal plants, fennel, oriental liquorice and African kola nut to offer a light and refreshing taste of the Mediterranean. It differs from other Anis in its production. Whereas Pernod, for example, is produced by distillation, Pastis 51 is a "put-on". This means that it is produced by blending in a cold state.

In France, pastis is one of the most popular spirits. Especially in the southeast, where this aniseed drink has its origins, it is preferably consumed. In the company of friends, as an expression of joie de vivre - simply to enjoy!


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Drinking recommendation: In its original quality, Pastis 51 is offered with 45 % vol. alcohol, which gives it its unique aroma and stimulating aniseed flavour. When mixed, the colour changes and becomes milky with ice water. Like Pernod, Pastis is drunk in a 1:5 ratio.

Origin: Frankreich / Provence
Alcohol content: 45% vol.
Contact: Pernod - 51 Chemin des Méches 94015 Créteil Cedex


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