Mandarine Napoleon Mandarinen Likör 38%

Mandarine Napoleon

Mandarine Napoleon Mandarinen Likör 38%

Mandarin Napoleon is a world-famous mandarin liqueur with a great tradition, first produced in Belgium in 1892. The original recipe comes from Antoine-François de Fourcroy, the apothecary and advisor to Napoleon Bonaparte, and developed into Emperor Napoleon's favourite drink. The complex production process begins with the careful selection of sun-drenched Sicilian mandarins, which develop their incomparable aroma in two separate maceration processes: Fresh and dried mandarin peels are each macerated separately.

A secret combination of 27 exquisite herbs and spices such as nutmeg, green tea, coriander and cloves is then added to each maceration before both are brought together and distilled at the de Biercée distillery in the picturesque town of Thuin near the French border. Mandarin Napoleon owes its special note to the noble cognac with which it is rounded off and refined at the very end. Its complex production process and long history are still a mystery to many today.
Mandarin Napoleon is a unique liqueur and stands in a row with the great, classic specialities. It is ideal for pure enjoyment, adds a rounded note to drinks and a special flavour profile due to its unique mandarin aroma combined with soft cognac notes

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Colour: Amber
Nose: Fresh, citrus fruits
Taste: Harmonious, tangerines, herbs
Finish: Long lasting, soft
Category: Liqueurs
Origin: France
Alcohol content: 38% vol.


Manufacturer: Importer: Borco-Marken-Import, Schwenkenstr. 47, 22525 Hamburg

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Ingredients & Allergens

Water, alcohol, sugar, distillate (mandarin, orange, herbs and plants), cognac, colour (carthamus, cochineal and burnt sugar), arrack.