Linie Aquavit


The Linie Aquavit is stored in former oak sherry casks and matures in them for a whole 19 weeks. For this, it is loaded onto ships that often cross the equator. The equator is also called the line, which is where the name comes from. The caraway spirit is produced by the Norwegian company Arcus AS, which is based in Oslo. On the back of each label is the name of the ship and also the exact time of the voyage.

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Line is a potato spirit with caraway and herbs. The combination of caraway / anise plays a prominent role in the aroma. Old sherry notes give a rich, rounded flavour, with aniseed, caraway and oak adding complexity. Constant rolling and changing temperature and humidity during the sea voyage bring line to an unprecedented smoothness.
Area: Norway
Contact: Arcus AS, Distilleriveien 11,1481 Hagan, NO.
Alcohol content: 41.5% vol.

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