Limoncello - Limonaia del Garda


Limoncello - Limonaia del Garda

This Limoncello del Garda is made from the peels of lemons from the ancient Limonaia in Torri del Benaco, right next to the castle. Beautiful centenary plants, over 8 metres high, are part of the Torri Castle Museum. Thanks to the mild climate on Lake Garda, the lemons give Limoncello an intense and harmonious flavour.

Marcati's history begins with the brothers who produced grappa in their pharmacy in Sommacampagna in 1919. In the meantime, the company has moved to Sona, just above Sommacampagna, and produces many different brandies and liqueurs. But it is still a traditional family business, albeit a very large one. The Limoncello Limonaia del Garda is a result of the collaboration with Limonaia, a typical old lemon grove in Torri del Benaco. The balanced and mild climate of Lake Garda gives the lemons a distinct fragrance and flavour, which is shown in this genuine Lake Garda Limoncello by Marcati in intensity and harmony. 


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Drinking recommendation: Enjoy Limoncello ice-cold after a meal, on vanilla ice cream, or to flavour desserts and cakes.

Origin: Italy
Alcohol content: 28% vol.
Contact: GAGLIANO MARCATI s.r.l. nello stabilimento di Via Molino,25 Sona VR Italien


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Ingredients & Allergens

Water, alcohol, sugar, lemon peel infusion (7%), natural flavourings.