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Tonic Water

Le Tribute Tonic Water is made with natural quinine from the province of Loja in Ecuador. It contains a distillation of lemongrass in water, which gives it its unique flavor. 

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The water for the tonic comes from a natural spring belonging to the distillery and is filtered in a special process until it is demineralized and neutral in taste. 

Why from Loja? In 1639, the Countess of Chinchona was cured of a fever thanks to an infusion made from the bark of the Chinchona tree from the Loja region, and so this remedy for treating fever and malaria became very popular among the inhabitants of this humble town. It was so effective that it was even used to cure various European kings, such as Louis XIV of France and Charles II of England. 

Deposit bottle: disposable bottle
Product name: Carbonated drink made from quinine.
Origin: Spain
Contact: Morandell International GmbH, Wörgler Boden 13-15, 6300 Wörgl, Austria


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