Dry Gin

Le Tribute

Dry Gin

Unique freshness and character classic dry gin from Spain. Summery, fresh notes of lemongrass but still dominate the flavors of bitter ingredients that make up the taste of Le Tribute Dry Gin. Also pure tastes this gin excellent.


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As a G&T, it pairs perfectly with the accompanying tonic water from Le Tribute, which perfectly highlights and accentuates the individual nuances of the gin, the same lemongrass distillate is used as in the gin. Fruity, but slightly tart! Produced the Le Tribute Gin as well as the matching tonic by the MG distillery in Vilanova, near Barcelona. Founded in 1835, the distillery is now run by the fifth generation as a family business.


Origin: Spain
Alcohol content: 43%
Contact: Morandell International GmbH, Wörgler Boden 13-15, 6300 Wörgl, Austria


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