Dubonnet Rouge


Dubonnet Rouge

Dubonnet Rouge is a fruity, bitter and yet delicious vermouth-like aperitif, based on wine, which was developed in Paris in 1846 by Joseph Dubonnet. In the production process, liqueur wine is fermented with cinchona bark, other herbs and spices such as orange peel, green coffee beans and cinnamon.
The addition of alcohol stops the fermentation process. Dubonnet Rouge is stored for 2 years before it is bottled.

This aperitif has a wine-red colour and exudes a fruity-sweet smell of red wine and orange with a hint of chocolate when poured. Notes of orange can also be found in the taste. In addition, there are aromas of coffee, toffee, citrus fruits and notes of fine mint. The finish is long-lasting and just as fruity as the taste of the aperitif wine.

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The Dubonnet Rouge can be enjoyed neat, on ice or in a cocktail.


Colour: Wine red.
Nose: Fruity, sweet, wine, chocolate, lemons.
Taste: Notes of mint, walnuts, lemon peel, cardamom, toffee, hints of orange, coffee.
Finish: Long lasting, fruity, elegant.
Serving suggestions: Serve at room temperature.


Alcohol content: 14.8 % vol.
Origin: France
Contact: Pernod Ricard, 4-6 rue Berthelot, 13014 Marseille, France.


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