The One - Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The One - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Comincioli farm is located in Puegnago, on the western shores of Lake Garda in Italy. 20 years ago, with the guidance of Luigi Veronelli, they began producing their first stone-pressed extra virgin olive oils, known as "Denocciolati." This marked a milestone for Comincioli, and to commemorate the occasion, they embarked on a new project driven by their pursuit of excellence.

Their goal was to create a new stone-pressed extra virgin olive oil using their own mill and method, selecting specific Italian varieties from different regions. Their focus was on fruits of the highest quality, aiming to produce an exceptional oil. This resulted in a unique blend, crafted in limited quantities. It is a tribute to the art of high-quality olive oil, nature, and the environment.


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Comincioli cultivates a range of olive varieties, including the native Casaliva, Raza, Favaröl, Mitria, Regina del Garda, Cornaröl, Drizzar, Trepp, and Gargnà. They also have non-native varieties such as Leccino, Leccio del Corno, Frantoio, Pendolino, and Moraiolo. The olive trees are grown using the multiple cone pyramid or cone vase training system on grassy terrain. Regular pruning ensures plant health and optimal production.

In 2001, Comincioli made a clear decision to adopt a philosophy that maximizes the beneficial sensory and qualitative aspects of extra virgin olive oil. They introduced an innovative extraction process at their olive mill, allowing for the separation of olives from the stones and obtaining oil solely from the olive pulp. Furthermore, this process eliminates any air contact, effectively protecting the oil from oxidation, which can negatively impact its quality and shelf life.


Designation: Extra virgin olive oil from pitted olives
Category: Average fruitiness
Type: Blend
Origin: Italy / Puegnago

Storage: Store in a dark and cool place. 
Contact: Comincioli – Azienda Agricola, Via Roma 10, Frazione Castello, 25080 Puegnago del Garda, Italy.


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