Vecchia Romagna


Vecchia Romagna Classica is produced through selection of the best grapes, the continuous distillation process and aging in fine oak barrels. This combination allows us to obtain a brandy with a fresh, subtle flavour.
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Colour: Presents an elegant light amber colour with heightened transparency.
Nose: The aroma is sweet with fragrances ranging from vanilla to crisp scents with a liquorice base note.
palate: A bold taste with a delicate pungency, well-balanced emotions and a stewed plum aftertaste that blends into a dry and citrusy orange zest finish.

origin: Italy / Emilia-Romagn
alcohol content: 38%
contact: Vecchia Romagna, Via Enrico Fermi 4, 40069 Zola Predosa Bologna, Italy

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