CHIMAY is the best known and biggest Trappist brewery. The beers set the standard for Trappist beers. First brewed in 1861 Chimay was the first to sell its beers commercially. They also introduced the designation Trappist. Best enjoyed in its distinctive chalice, this is without doubt a Trappist beer of great tradition. Chimay Blue is a dark, strong ale characterised by its full flavour and port-like aroma.

The monks of Scourmont Abbey have been brewing for over 150 years, producing world-class Trappist beer in their austere, peaceful monastery on a wild plateau in Hainaut, one of Belgium’s southern provinces.

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Fermentation: Chimay Bleue is a high-fermentation beer that undergoes re-fermentation in the bottle.
Colour & Transparency: The Chimay Bleue has an intensely dark brown colour, with a clear, ruby-red glow, and is covered by a robust cream-coloured collar of froth.
Serving Temperature: 10 - 12°C

Character: Hints of coffee, cacao and dried dark fruits make an initial seductive appearance, to be followed by rich aromas of stone fruits such as apricot and nectarines. In the mouth, mocha and coffee are dominant. The finish is heart-warmingly alcoholic, but the Bleue retains its fresh and fruity character even after that tender full-in-the-mouth feel has melted away.
Culinary: Delicious with slightly smoked eel in a honeyed-soy sauce. Or try it with a crunchy sesame biscuit, grilled pork ribs or steak accompanied, by a rich Roquefort cheese sauce. A good combination is also had with venison or 'foie gras'.



Alcohol: 9% vol.
Storage: Rest assured, this vintage 'millésimé' is one that can be laid down for five years or more. Its wonderful fresh taste will most definitely improve with time, though its exact character will vary with the size of the bottle, and the way it is stored.
Contact: Bières de Chimay, Espace Chimay, Rue de Poteaupré 5, B-6464 Bourlers, Belgium

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Ingredients & Allergens

Water, barley malt, hops as well as Chimay’s own distinctive yeast.