Sambuca Extra


Sambuca Extra

The taste of Molinari Sambuca is absolutely unmistakable - and completely irresistible for all those who love aniseed. The noble distillate is made from star anise and green anise - according to a secret recipe that is closely guarded by the Molinari family. The label "extra", which is emblazoned on the brand's bottles, also bears witness to this quality. This is because Molinari Sambuca is the only Sambuca of such quality and thus the only spirit of this kind to have been awarded this predicate. Connoisseurs like to drink Molinari Sambuca neat, on ice or add a shot to coffee. This gives the drink a very special note.

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A distillate of star anise and green anise, rounded off with aromatic spices, which are stored in a secret recipe of the Molinari family. Molinari Extra is the only Sambuca that is allowed to bear the designation "Extra" due to its outstanding quality. Enjoy the excellent taste of Molinari Extra.
Contact: Molinari Italia S.p.A., Largo Angelo Molinari, 00053 Civitavecchia RM, Italy
Territory: Italy.
Alcohol content: 40% vol.

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