Grappa Bric del Gaian


Grappa Bric del Gaian

The Berta distillery was founded in 1947 by Paolo Berta and is based in the idyllic vineyards in the heart of Piedmont. The successful family business, which is known far beyond the borders of Italy for its exquisite top-quality distillates, is now run by the second generation of Enrico and Gianfranco Berta. The family distillery can also be visited, organises tastings and is home to its own museum of distilling technology.

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Berta Bric del Gaian from the traditional distillery Berta in Piedmont is a grappa matured for at least 8 years and made exclusively from Moscato grapes. The amber-coloured grappa convinces grappa fans with its noble and multi-faceted bouquet of sage, wild berries, chocolate and vanilla. It tastes wonderfully complex, enveloping and silky and has a pleasantly long finish. The noble Berta Bric del Gaian comes in an elegant 0.7 l bottle and was bottled with an alcohol content of 43 %. A truly great grappa for connoisseurs. Producer: Distillerie Berta, Via Guasti 34-36, 14046, Mombaruzzo, Italy Category: Grappa Region: Italy / Piedmont Alcoholic strength: 43% vol.

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