Voile D'Argile


Voile D'Argile

An elegant sweet wine with an excellent freshness and notes of almonds.
29,99 €
Vč. 20% DPH

0.75 lt |
(1 lt 39,99 €)

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Art.Nr.: 428770#1.000


Golden straw colour. Notes of almonds, walnuts, ripe white fruits, broom. Elegant on the palate, nice freshness with a slight saltiness.
Food recommendation: marinated anchovies, Iberian ham, Comté cheese, old sheep's cheese, veal with almonds.

origin: France / Banyuls
alcohol content: 14%
contact: Domaine de la Rectorie, 28 Avenue du Puig del Mas, 66650 Banyuls-sur-Mer, France

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