Chardonnay Tiglat 2017


Chardonnay Tiglat 2017

The Chardonnay Tiglat by Heinz Velich belongs "without ifs and buts" to the most famous wines of Austria. This pure Chardonnay impresses year after year with its immense complexity and concentration. This is one of the best Chardonnay wines to be found in Austria. This wine does not need to hide from any international Chardonnay.

69,99 €
Vč. 20% DPH

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(1 lt 93,32 €)

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Art.Nr.: 432615#1.000


A lot of power on the nose, immediately with lots of toasted notes of caramel and marzipan, with air comes more finesse, then becomes more discreet and fine, some overripe pineapple, some brioche, the fruit is still hiding a little. On the palate a twisted picture, taut and elegant start, crumbly tannin structure with lots of grip and great acidity, then it becomes more powerful and creamy, some brioche comes in before a wonderful saltiness sets in and stays, long, forever? A very typical Tiglat that skilfully combines power and finesse and will show its full greatness after a few years of bottle ageing. 
Origin: Austria / Burgenland
Alcohol content: 13
Contact: Velich Winery, Seeufergasse 12, 7143 Apetlon, Austria.

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