Tinto Noble 2017

Viñedos y Bodegas García Figuero

Tinto Noble 2017

DO Ribera del Duero - The history of this bodega is a prime example of those who do not allow themselves to be swayed, who consistently and tenaciously follow their path, who remain true to their convictions and reap the well-deserved success for it.

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Vč. 20% DPH

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Art.Nr.: 434501#1.000


The counterpart to the feminine Milagros: powerful, heavy, masculine. Endowed with great tannin richness, it fills the palate with its intense and multi-layered flavour. It lasts just as impressively long and is dominated by dried fruit aromas of figs, dates, sultanas and plums. The juicy acidity provides a powerful backbone and gives the wine wonderful drinking flow.

This is also a noble meditation wine, which can easily be a partner to a noble cigar, but can also be recommended as a food companion to strong dishes.

Alcohol Content: 14.5%
Origin: Spain / Ribera del Duero
Contact: Viñedos y Bodegas Garcia Figuero S.L., 09311 La Horra (Burgos)  

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