Tawny Port 20Y

Quinta da Côrte

Tawny Port 20Y

A Quinta da Côrte Port is prepared like a grand cru: it requires exacting standards, determination and know-how. Vinified in granite vats known as lagares, in keeping with the centuries-old tradition of the Douro valley, the Quinta da Côrte Ports are the most perfect expression of the schist terroir of the Quinta da Côrte, and tasting them provides an exceptional experience.
69,99 €
Vč. 20% DPH

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(1 lt 93,32 €)

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Art.Nr.: 424845#1.000


Gold in colour, with mahogany reflections, this high-class Tawny immediately seduces with the complexity of its aromas: a heady mix of currants, liquorice, cinnamon, candied citrus peel, coffee, cashew, caramel, walnut and more.
The palate is soft and harmonious, with a fine width which develops in an equally complex fashion. Fresh, flavoursome and well-balanced, it progresses to a long, rich and well-defined finish.
Food recommendation: Ready for drinking now, and will combine nicely as an aperitif with goat’s cheese on French toast. It would also make a rich combination with calf sweetbreads or a chicken tagine with preserved lemons. For dessert, it provides the perfect accompaniment to a hazelnut chocolate cake or cream coffee cake.

origin: Portugal
alcohol content: 20%
contact: Quinta da Corte, 5120-491 Valenca do Douro, Portugal

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