Moroccan Mint Tea


Moroccan Mint Tea

In contrast to peppermint, which is widely used here, the mint for Moroccan Mint - as the name suggests - comes from Morocco.

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Art.Nr.: 321524#1.000


The so-called nana mint is a natural variety of spearmint and has a much milder and sweeter taste. The mint does not contain menthol and is therefore also recommended for people with sensitive stomachs. The mint has a very thirst-quenching effect and the long-lasting aroma is a real treat. Only very few quantities of pure Moroccan mint are exported at all - and the quantities of available organic mint are correspondingly small.

product name: Organic Maroccan mint tea.
net weight: 100 g
storage: Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light.
contact: A. Kuster Sirocco AG, Hauptstraße 22, 8716 Schmerikon, Switzerland.

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100% Moroccan mint.