Sauvignon Blanc Ried Pössnitzberg 2014 Magnum

Erwin Sabathi

Sauvignon Blanc Ried Pössnitzberg 2014 Magnum

The Pössnitzberg vineyard is predestined as a special white wine terroir. The interaction of soil structure and climatic factors makes this vineyard so distinctive and the wines of the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety so authentic.
89,99 €
Vč. 20% DPH

1.5 lt |
(1 lt 59,99 €)
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Art.Nr.: 428987#1.000


The wines from the Pössnitzberg, classified as Große STK Ried, are finely mineral, enormously salty on the palate with a tight structure and exhibit high longevity.

origin: Austria / Styria
alcohol content: 13,5%
contact: Weingut Erwin Sabathi GmbH, Pössnitz 48, 8463 Leutschach, Austria

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