Pralino Eis Amendo de Prouvénço / Chocolate almonds 200g


Pralino Eis Amendo de Prouvénço / Chocolate almonds 200g

A specialty of the house Doucet. Roasted almonds coated with sugar, garnished with bourbon vanilla.
But with an unusual twist: this delicacy also contains herbs of Provence.

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Vč. 10% DPH

200 gr |
(1 kg 74,95 €)

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Art.Nr.: 115682#1.000


Confiseur and chocolatier Francois Doucet is based in the small city of Oraison, about 100 kilometres north of Marseille, and offers sweet specialities from Provence. The best almonds, raisins and fruits are carefully selected and made into sugar-coated wonders!
product name: Candied almonds.
country of origin: France
net weight: 200 g
storage: Store in a cool and dry place.
contact: François Doucet Confiseur, CS 30100, 04700 Oraison, Alpes de Hautes Provence, France.


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Složení a alergeny

Almonds of Provence 50%, cane sugar 49%, glazing agent: acacia gum, natural flavor of Bourbon vanilla, herbs of Provence.
May contain traces of nuts, gluten, milk, soy and egg.

Gluten, Eier, Soja, Milch, Schalenfrüchte, Nüsse

Nutriční hodnoty

100 g contain on average:
Calorific value (energy): 2057 kJ / 492 kcal
Fat: 25 g
- thereof saturated fatty acids: 2 g
Carbohydrates: 50 g
- of which sugar: 48 g
Protein: 14 g
Salt: 0.008 g