Plantation 20th Anniversary XO

Maison Ferrand

Plantation 20th Anniversary XO

The production takes place in the pot-still process and the maturation is completed in the double-aging process. This means that the rum is first matured in Barbados for 13 years in ex-bourbon barrels made of American white oak and then transported to the Cognac Ferrand estate. There, the blending is done and the blend is aged again in oak barrels. The result is aromas of tropical fruit, vanilla and coconut. The taste reveals notes of burnt sugar, oak and the typical exotic rum flavour.

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Vč. 20% DPH

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Art.Nr.: 319457#1.000


The Plantation Barbados X.O. Rum 20th Anniversary is the epitome of a mild rum. The blend is made from the finest Barbados rums and convinces with a fruity, mild overall impression. The bottling was launched on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the company and was planned as a special edition.
Origin: Barbados
Alcohol content: 40%
Contact: FERRAND DEUTSCHLAND GMBH, Sundernallee 75, 58636 Iserlohn, Germany

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