Pecher Mignon BIO Pfirsichlikör 15% 0,5l

Pecher Mignon BIO Pfirsichlikör 15% 0,5l

Pêcher Mignon
Pêcher Mignon is a liqueur from the Liquorerie - Aperitiverie Saint Jehan in Langeais/France, which is produced in the traditional French gourmet style and is mainly used as an aperitif.

Pêcher Mignon shows bright orange and gold tones in the glass. It smells of ripe, juicy peaches in the glass. On the palate, it is very soft and has an intense aroma of sweet fruit. The alcohol content of Pêcher Mignon is 15 % vol., making it an excellent base for light aperitifs and versatile due to its aroma and fragrance.

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Vč. 20% DPH

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"Peach aperitif with 100% natural flavours, prepared in the traditional method preferred by French connoisseurs. Fresher - tastier!
alcohol content: 15% vol."

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