Olive Oil Monocultivar Frantoio

Gonnelli 1585 - Frantoio Di Santa Téa

Olive Oil Monocultivar Frantoio

This monovariety was created since 1983 from the single variety of Frantoio olives.
26,49 €
Vč. 10% DPH

250 ml |
(1 lt 105,96 €)

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Art.Nr.: 425954#1.000


Intensive fruity, enriched by herbaceous sensations of artichoke that complete its harmonious and balanced taste, with a clear spicy end.

product name: Extra virgin olive oil.
origin: Italy
storage: Store protected from heat and light.
contact: Frantoio di Santa Téa di Gonnelli 1585 SRL; Loc Santa Téa, Via E. De Nicola 41, Reggello, Firenze, Italy.

* Wir bitten um Verständnis, dass das Produktdesign von der Abbildung abweichen kann.

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100% olive oil.

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