Fish Freshwater


Fish Freshwater

Fish is not just fish. Dill, parsley, garlic and onion play the leading role in this fine freshwater fish seasoning blend by MYSPICE and perfectly set off your fish dish.

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Vč. 10% DPH

100 gr |
(1 kg 99,90 €)
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Art.Nr.: 435267#1.000


Product name: spice mixture fish freshwater.
Storage: store in a cool, dark and dry place.
Origin: Austria
Contact: Christl Gewürze GmbH, Gewerbepark Ost 5, A-5141 Moosdorf

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Sea salt sodium reduced, garlic, sugar, onion, pepper, leek, parsley, paprika, ginger, dill tops, thyme, lemon oil, bell pepper extract

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Nutriční hodnoty

100g contain on average:
Calories (energy): 776,44 kJ / 185,57 kcal
Fat: 1,69 g
- of which saturates: 0,3 g
Carbohydrates: 39,12 g
- of which sugar: 22,39 g
Protein: 5,77 g
Salt: 29,63 g