Moric Blaufränkisch Lutzmannsburg 2013



Moric Blaufränkisch Lutzmannsburg 2013

Dark ruby, violet reflections, discreet water edge. Fine herbal spice, dark minerality, inviting red heart cherry fruit, black berries. Dark cherries on the palate, taut and tightly meshed, racy structure, finesse-rich style with salty aftertaste, fine lemony touch on the back palate.

119,99 €
Vč. 20% DPH

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(1 lt 159,99 €)

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Art.Nr.: 436255#1.000


Selection of the oldest vines and best sites in Lutzmannsburg. Sand, clay and loam soils on a limestone subsoil, 50 - 90 year old vines produce distinctive wines.


Grape variety: Blaufränkisch
Drinking temperature: 17-18°C
Pairing: Grilled steak, beef
Maturity: 2018 to 2029


Origin: Burgenland
Alcohol content: 13,5 % vol.
Contact: Moric Winery, 7051 Großhöflein, Austria

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