Lamartine Malbec Rouge 2018

Chateau Lamartine

Lamartine Malbec Rouge 2018

In the southwest, north of Toulouse and east of Bordeaux, lies the appellation of Cahors. Halfway between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the appellation benefits from an ideal microclimate for the ripening of Malbec. Its soils, clay and limestone, are the guarantors of freshness in the wines.

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The Malbec of the 2018 vintage smells of ripe blackberries, cassis liqueur and Asian spices. The bouquet is earthy and fruit-intensive, a concentrate of picturesque Occitania. On the palate, this attractive blend of ripe fruit (now elderberries, plums) and spice (liquorice, cloves) continues.
Grape variety: 90% Malbec, 10% Merlot

Alcohol content: 13,5%
Origin: France / Cahors
Contact: Lamartine, 46700 Soturac, France

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