English Breakfast Bio loose


English Breakfast Bio loose


This blend of two exceptional organic black teas is the epitome of English elegance. A strong, aromatic Ceylon black tea combines with a powerful Assam black tea. Breakfast is ready! 

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Behind the English breakfast tea is a story worthy of the works of Shakespeare! In 1834, British merchant Richard Davies founded a tea company in New York. He sold a black tea blend and called it English Breakfast to convince New Yorkers that it was popular in Britain, the blend was an instant success.

Product name: Blend of black tea's from Asia.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from light.
Origin: France
Contact: Kusmi Tea, Trademark of Orientis Gourmet, 75 Avenue Niel, 75017 Paris, France

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Ceylon black tea*, Assam black tea*

* from controlled organic cultivation.