Wien Dry Gin - Vienna Handcrafted Original


Wien Dry Gin - Vienna Handcrafted Original

Three friends have found a unique way to share their love for Vienna with the public. Introducing the Viennese Kettle-Brothers, offering a delightful and distinctive drinking experience. With its apothecary bottle shape and elegant Art Nouveau label adorned with gold and turquoise ornaments, it is a captivating addition to any bar and makes a perfect gift for Gin enthusiasts.

After years of experimentation in their laboratory distillery, the Vienna Dry Gin was born. It beautifully enhances the classic juniper flavor with hints of elderberry and delightful fruity notes. This Gin brings together the essence of juniper, fruity nuances, and a touch of floral elderberry, creating a sparkling, playful, yet subtly dry character. Enjoy it with tonic water, ice cubes, and a touch of orange for a refreshing Vienna Gin & Tonic.


59,99 €
Vč. 20% DPH

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(1 lt 85,70 €)

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Art.Nr.: 409744#1.000


Nose: the gin is classic, but also versatile. Elderberry, citrus and herbal aromas are first detected on the nose. This is joined by a pleasant spiciness reminiscent of ginger.
Tongue: a beautiful interplay of classic notes. First and foremost juniper. This is joined by a nicely integrated note of elderberry. The taste is rounded off by slightly herbal notes of verbena and nutmeg flowers, which harmonise very well. The finish of the Wien Dry Gin also remains complex: a nice balance between fine, sweetish notes and light herbal notes.
Pairing recommendation: Enjoy this Wien Dry Gin with a tonic water and ice cubes. Add oranges and you have a refreshing Wien Gin-tonic.

Origin: Austria / Vienna
Alcohol content: 43,0% vol.
Contact: Kesselbrüder Gmbh, Koschiergasse 25, 1210 Wien


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