Airone Rosso Aperitivo Veneto - Herbal Bitter


Airone Rosso Aperitivo Veneto - Herbal Bitter

Aperitif liqueur with Vermouth and natural infusion of spices and aromatic herbs. Its aroma recalls a red roses bouquet surrounded by tangerines and red oranges.

The Jacopo Poli Airone Rosso Aperitivo is an extremely delicate liqueur from the extensive range of the traditional Poli distillery, which is based in Schiavon in the Italian region of Veneto. With its fruity aromas of citrus fruits such as tangerines and blood oranges and its aromatic notes of herbs such as wormwood, the liqueur is a real pleasure. It is suitable for solo enjoyment on ice, but also tastes great in combination with sparkling wine or prosecco and adds that special something to cocktails.


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Nose: reveals an intense and distinctive spicy aromatic bouquet of red roses.
Tongue: pleasant, aromatics of tangerines and red oranges with a fine bitter note.
Pairing recommendation: goes pure or as a cocktail, as an aperitif or as a sparkling party drink - trendy as a shaken Shakerato on ice with a slice of orange; classic as a "Sprizz" with white wine and mineral water (also goes in the 2-in-1 variant with Prosecco Spumante); complex as a Garibaldi with orange juice on ice or as a Bassano-Torino with Martini Rosso on ice. Otherwise serve at 8 - 10°C.

Origin: Italy / Region Veneto / Schiavon
Alcohol content: 14% vol.
Contact: Poli Distillerie, Via Marconi 46 - 36, 36060 Schiavon (VI) - Veneto, Italy


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