Evian Sport 750ml

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Evian Sport 750ml

The natural mineral water Evian originates in the French Alps as a purely natural product with a 100% natural composition. It is filtered through glacial rock for 15 years and is surrounded by a 70,000ha nature reserve. This natural filtration process gives Evian its mineralization and unique taste. 

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"product name: Natural mineral water.
net quantity: 750ml
storage: Store protected from sunlight, dry, cool and clean.
contact: Evian-Volvic Suisse SA, Leutschenbachstrasse 95, CH-8050 Zurich.

Source: Cachat.
Total mineralisation in mg/L: calcium 80, magnesium 26, sodium 6.5, potassium 1, silicon dioxide 15, hydrogen carbonate 360, sulphate 14, chloride 10, nitrate 3.8. Evaporation residue at 180°C: 345 mg/L. pH: 7.2.

*We kindly ask for your understanding that the product design may differ from the illustration."

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Evian’s pure natural mineral water from the French Alps in a recyclable PET plastic bottle and a convenient sports cap for on-the-go hydration.

Nutriční hodnoty

Mineral composition (mg/L):

Calcium: 80
Magnesium: 26
Potassium: 1
Sodium: 6,5
Nitrates: 3,8
Bicarbonates: 360
Sulfates: 14
Silica: 15
Chlorides: 10