Chateau Cos d'Estournel 2017

Chateau Cos d'Estournel

Chateau Cos d'Estournel 2017

Chateau Cos d'Estournel 2008 - 2nd Grand Cru Classé

199,99 €
Vč. 20% DPH

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(1 lt 266,65 €)

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Art.Nr.: 430426#1.000


The Cos d'Estournel vineyard is located in the commune of Saint-Estèphe in the Médoc. It is separated from the famous Château Lafite-Rothschild only by a stream. In the Bordeaux classification of 1855, the Château (then called "Cos Destournel") received the second rank (Deuxième Cru Classé). The Château was founded in 1811, when the horse and wine merchant Louis-Gaspard d'Estournel acquired the first vineyards. He had recognised the quality of the extremely poor pebble soils (Cos) in good time. The name "Cos" (Caux) is derived from "Colline de cailloux" (gravelly hill).

Alcohol content: 13.5%
Origin: France / Bordeaux
Contact: Chateau Cos d'Estournel

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