Saint-Estèphe AOC 2003

Maison Cos d'Estournel

Saint-Estèphe AOC 2003

The call of faraway lands.

As mysterious and intriguing as a lone adventurer returning from a solitary sail, Cos d’Estournel is slow to reveal itself. Little by little, it evokes stories of distant places, market stalls brimming with unfamiliar fruits, spices and wares, village festivities warmed by the joy of revelers and the setting sun, and sumptuous visions of ladies and their voluptuous curves. A myriad of scents, colors and tastes appeals to the senses. The Grand Vin of Cos d’Estournel is both demure and deliberately sensuous, a fascinating and elegant nectar.


Despite the oppressive heat during the harvest, berries were able to maintain a great freshness, while providing an exceptional richness. This perfect balance between liveliness and precision of the fruit signify a wine that beautifully stands out. Its flamboyant nose, its fresh and warm finale both impress, as much as fabulous persistence of its aromas that reveal themselves in crescendo.


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Wine is a living thing. After aging in the barrel, it continues to evolve in the bottle, year after year. To fully appreciate the aromas of the wines of Cos d’Estournel, we suggest following a few simple rules: Ideally, wines should be stored in a clean room between 12°C and 15°C and at about 80% humidity. The wines of the estate will develop complex aromas that will vary according to the characteristics of each vintage and evolve with time. Proper service will allow these qualities to express themselves completely.


The youngest vintages—those produced after 2000—should be decanted at least two hours before tasting. Aeration will help bring the spirit and passion of each wine into focus, so its potential can be fully revealed. It's recommend serving wines between 17°C and 18°C. As they continue to warm up in the glass, they will release their full palette of aromas and reveal their most subtle, delicate nuances.


Nose: a compelling perfume of black fruits, subtle smoke, pain grille, incense, and flowers.
Tongue: extraordinary richness, full body, and remarkable freshness, elegance, and persistence, complexity with tobacco, dried fruit and fresh spices, this is one of the finest wines ever made by this estate.
Pairing recommodation:  pairs well with traditional with Beef and Venison. Serve at 17 - 18°C.
Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon 70% / Merlot 27% /  Cabernet Franc 1% / Petit Verdot 2%

Origin: France /  South of Saint-Estèphe
Alcohol content: 13,5% vol.
Contact: Château Cos d'Estournel, 33180 Saint-Estèphe, France


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