Chardonnay Neusatz 2019


Chardonnay Neusatz 2019

The optimal southern exposure of the vineyard in the Neusatz am Leithagebirge site allows the Chardonnay grapes to fully ripen year after year. The warmth of the site is mitigated by its openness to the west wind. In addition to the cooling effect, the wind also causes the grapes to dry well in the fall, thus ensuring that the harvest is healthy to the core. Thus, a Chardonnay with intense aromas and striking minerality is created on strong, highly calcareous soil.
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Vč. 20% DPH

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Art.Nr.: 433799#1.000


Strong greenish yellow; spicy, intense nose of yellow fruits, fine yeast note, mineral; juicy and balanced; long finish.
Food recommendation: seafood and shellfish, as well as pasta dishes, pasta and white meat.

origin: Austria / Burgenland
alcohol content: 13,5%
contact: Weingut Kollwentz Römerhof, Hauptstraße 120, 7051 Großhöflein, Austria

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