Cidre Brut de Normandie

Comte Louis de Lauriston

Cidre Brut de Normandie

Apples with a bitter note give this cider structure and body, from the sweet varieties it gains its aromas and from the tart apples finesse and freshness.
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The Cidre Brut de Normandie Comte Louis de Lauriston is made from a variety of cider apple varieties (usually more than 50 varieties). It is a light, fruity and refreshing drink.
Food recommendation: It can be enjoyed on its own, but is equally good as a food accompaniment to a terrine, a fish dish or white meat and, of course, all apple desserts.

origin: France / Normandy
alcohol content: 4%
contact: Calvados Comte Louis de Lauriston, Rue du Mont Saint Michel, La Canjonnière, 61700 Domfront, France

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