Artichoke bitters


Artichoke bitters

The original recipe has not been changed since the 1950s and prescribes the use of 13 select herbs. In addition, there are natural artichoke extracts that provide that certain finesse.
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The extract is obtained from fresh artichoke leaves, which is something very special for an amaro, that is, an Italian herbal liqueur. In addition, it comes with a relatively rather low alcohol content of 16.5% and has an intense and amber-brown color with reddish nuances.
On the nose, Cynar delights with typical complex herbal aroma. Herbaceous-sweet notes round out its fragrance. Slightly bitter tones merge on the palate with the individual profile of herbs, among which artichoke and subtle tones of dried fruit with a hint of caramel can be heard.

origin: Italy
alcohol content: 16,5%
contact: DCM SpA, Via Franco Sacchetti 20, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni, Italy

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Contains dyes.

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