Canoubier Rhum de Guadeloupe Brun GK


Canoubier Rhum de Guadeloupe Brun GK

Guadeloupean rum is one of the island's best. A very representative ambassador, agricultural rum has become an emblem and a beautiful image of Guadeloupean know-how. Its great qualities are unanimously appreciated by connoisseurs. It has gained in suppleness, complexity and aromas thanks to the three years finish in red cognac barrels. To gain a unique aromatic note, it has finished its ageing in red cognac casks.

Canoubier Rhum was created from the best sugar cane of Guadeloupe. It has been carefully aged in the purest tradition. The experience of our cellar master in aging makes it a unique rum.

39,99 €
Vč. 20% DPH

0.7 lt |
(1 lt 57,13 €)

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Art.Nr.: 440182#1.000


Notes: fruity, Sweet, Warm, Pastry


Origin: France / La Guardeloupe
Alcohol content: 40%
Contact: La Distillerie Des Moisans, 9, impasse des Chais, 16440 SIREUIL, France

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