Atlantic Sea Salt uniodized


Atlantic Sea Salt uniodized

As "white gold" our Atlantic Sea Salt, coarse is harvested on the clean Atlantic shores – far away from any industry. The included minerals and trace elements make this natural-state, clear salt so valuable.
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Vč. 10% DPH

500 gr |
(1 kg 5,98 €)

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Art.Nr.: 320049#1.000


The sun and wind cause the water to evaporate, leaving a a salt crust remains. As soon as this has a compact structure, the salt is "harvested".

product name: Sea salt from the Atlantic ocean - uniodized.
origin: Germany
storage: Store in a cool and dry place
contact: Byodo Naturkost GmbH, Leisederstrasse 2, 84453 Mühldorf, Germany

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100% sea salt from the Atlantic ocean.

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