Amaro Bitter


Amaro Bitter

Enjoy the essence of each moment with Ramazzotti Amaro, and immerse yourself in the beauty of #ItaliaDaBere. This classic Italian herbal liqueur has been crafted for over 200 years, following a secret recipe. A perfect blend of 33 herbs, spices, flowers, and fruits from around the world creates the harmonious bitterness and characteristic taste of Ramazzotti Amaro.

Its dark black hue fills the glass, promising a luxurious experience. The aromas of the herbs and spices immediately captivate your senses, preparing you for the pleasure that awaits. The full-bodied finish leaves a truly positive impression. For a classic serving, enjoy Ramazzotti Amaro over ice with a hint of lemon or accompanied by a lemon slice.


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Vč. 20% DPH

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Ramazzotti Amaro boasts unique flavors and ingredients:
Bitterness defines the character of this herbal liqueur, while rhubarb adds a harmonious touch. Distilled orange peel contributes a delicately fresh citrus aroma with sweet spiciness. Mediterranean notes shine through rosemary and oregano, lending the unmistakable fragrance. Floral tones combine green notes with the bitterness of absinthe oil and the delicate touch of hyssop flowers. Lastly, a hint of spice leaves a light and tangy aftertaste, characteristic of well-selected spices.


Drinking recommendation: The classic herbal liqueur from Ramazzotti can be enjoyed either neat, on ice, with lemon or in a cocktail.


Origin: Italy / Milano
Alcohol content: 30% vol.
Contact: Pernod Ricard Italia S.p.A., Viale Monza 265, Milano, Italien


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