Zweigelt Kirchweingarten 2015


Zweigelt Kirchweingarten 2015

The Ried Kirschweingarten is an only slightly sloping, southwest-facing slope at about 180-190 meters above sea level, located directly below the church of Höflein. The soil here is clearly more clayey than in other sites. This gives the Zweigelt special pithiness, a fresh acidity, a tight structure and an overall a charming yet precise character.
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Multilayered and exciting is this wine. Black berries in the fragrance, plus a powerful spiciness, juiciness with fruit sweetness and a velvety tannin structure.
Food recommendation: dark meat with strong intense sauces.

origin: Austria
alcohol content: 13,9%
contact: Weingut Markowitsch, Pfarrgasse 6, 2464 Göttlesbrunn, Austria

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