Chardonnay Veneto I.G.T.


Chardonnay Veneto I.G.T.

In the glass, the wine reveals a brilliantly shimmering light yellow colour. Poured into a white wine glass, this white wine shows wonderfully fragrant aromas of kumquat, grapefruit, peach and pink grapefruit, rounded off by other fruity nuances.
On the palate, the Chardonnay starts pleasantly dry, grippy and aromatic. The texture of this light-footed white wine is wonderfully crisp on the palate. Due to its lively fruit acidity, the Chardonnay presents itself exceptionally fresh and lively on the palate.

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The Botters' story begins in 1928, when Carlo Botter and his wife Maria founded the Casa Vinicola Carlo Botter in Fossalta di Piave and started selling wine in barrels and glass balloons. For a long time, the Botters limited themselves to this, but the upswing was to follow with the next generation.
In 1950, the sons Enzo and Arnaldo joined the company. With them, bottle sales entered the family business. Through hard work, the reputation in Italy grew bit by bit and thus opened the doors to expand into other countries. In 1965 the first wines were sold on the European market, and in 1980 for the first time outside Europe.
Origin: Italy / Veneto
Alcohol content: 12,5%
Contact: Casa Vinicola Botter Carlo & C. Spa - IT-BIO-015 - Via Cadorna 17 - 30020 Fossalta di Piave - Italy

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