Vogelbeer Brand


Vogelbeer Brand

Only the best, cleanest and ripest fruit finds its way into the Gölles stills. Free of additives such as sugar, flavorings or colorants, noble brandies are distilled in precious copper kettles using the traditional double distillation method.
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Hardly any other noble brandy polarizes as strongly as the rowanberry. One loves it, the other cannot smell it. Increasingly planted again in the Styrian Teichalm region in recent years, the fruits of the high-stemmed rowan are the basis for this exquisite brandy. On the nose, the rowanberry brandy smells of marzipan and bitter almonds, on the palate it fascinates with impetuous spiciness and earthy minerality.

origin: Austria / Styria
alcohol content: 43%
contact: Gölles GmbH, Stang 52, 8333 Riegersburg, Austria

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